Not that you asked, but:

AL Wild Card: Tampa over Cleveland.
NL Wild Card: Pittsburgh over Cincinnati. Yes it happened yesterday, but I told several people that I have the Buc going to the WS, so there.

ALDS: Tampa over Boston. Oakland over Detroit
NLDS: Pittsburgh over St. Louis. Los Angeles over Atlanta

ALCS: Oakland over Tampa
NLCS: Pittsburgh over Los Angeles

WS: Oakland over Pittsburgh

Explanatory notes:
First, I’m terrible at this. There was one year (2010?) where I recorded a similar exercise, and got every series wrong. Every single one. The teams I thought the lowest of (Tex and SF) met in the World Serious.

Second, I think an Oakland – Pittsburgh World Series would give Bud Selig massive gastroenteritis, and perhaps hasten his departure. So there’a an agenda here. But I like the A’s and Bucs for pitching and power. Looking at Detroit, I am duly impressed by the middle of the lineup, and the front end of the rotation, but the bottom of the order is weak. We’ll see if Leyland can get the most out of his pen.

Lastly, the Cardinals and Braves are both pretty good — St Louis is better I think — but I despise them both because of my NY-Washington allegiance. Philadelphia would suffer a similar fate if they made the playoffs. The Braves’ pitching is suspect before the ninth inning, and St Louis is a little banged up.