Maybe They Don’t Know What It Means?

Today’s word is disingenuous.

This is how I think of most things that politicians say, both left and right, liberal and conservative, Dem and Rep.

Without apology, I tend to dismiss some of the things that the Democratic leaders say (Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi come to mind), mainly because it doesn’t burn my eardrums when I hear it.

There are many more bomb throwers on the Right, of course.  And I think I’m starting to figure out why that is.

For one, yesterday was the day where the Senate compromise successfully opened the government and raised the debt ceiling over the objection of the radical right in the House of Representatives.  The Tea Party Right maneuvered Speaker Boehner into a position where he had to put the Senate bill to a vote, or bear responsibility for both the government shutdown AND defaulting on short-term Treasury obligations.  The framework for the deal was made clear the day before, but Boehner took the entire day Tuesday to come up with a House option, watch it get slammed from both the right and left (and the White House), and fail to even put it to a vote.

So what was the buzz yesterday?  Even before the Senate had voted (and they voted first, before the House), the right wing commentators were discussing where the next fight would be.  Would it be on the next debt ceiling issue?  the budget? a 43rd attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act?  Doesn’t really matter.  Because what the right cares about is the fight, not the outcome.  That’s how they whip up the base.  Conflict.   When there’s conflict they can proudly campaign on how they are fighting for conservative values, and so on.

This is where the disingenuous part comes in.

When the conservatives talk about “Obamacare” and how it’s the worst thing in the world (the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia actually said: “It’s a violation of the conscience of people who seek to follow their faith rather than the dictates of the federal government”)  what I hear is that some health care companies believe this will reduce their profits and are capitalizing on public mistrust and misinformation to advance their policy goals.  Someone is currently paying for the “Emergency Room” health care system that Mitt Romney so carefully described as the safety net during the ’12 campaign.  The ACA spreads that cost around more fairly, including people who are low risk but occasionally need major medical services.  Forget that it was a Republican alternative to a single-payer system…it might cost companies some profits, so the Tea Party — a guileless and gullible group of angry people without any ability to observe their own behavior and rhetoric — equates it to slavery or tyranny or whatever big words they can muster and end up at the point where they would rather shut down the government and cost the economy $3.5 billion of productivity, than “surrender” to something that was endorsed by both sides of Congress, beaten to death in two Presidential elections, and upheld by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (a GOP appointee)… get over it already.

The NRA injects the Second Amendment into its bloodstream, but how much of that is the social consequences of the gun manufacturers protecting their profits?  74% of the NRA’s operating revenue comes from their Corporate Partners, who make guns, ammo, and accessories.  Second amendment?  That’s a bit disingenuous.

Should everyone pay their fair share of taxes?  The Grover Nordquist church of zero taxes preaches that